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DATA 64 Joint Campus Recruitment Drive at Ansal Institute of Technology, Gurgaon on 25th July 2012 . Salary 6.5-8 lacs/Annum

Data 64 Joint Campus Recruitment drive at Ansal Institute of Technology, Gurgaon on 25th July 2012 

We are pleased to conduct the Placement drive for BTech/BE (CS/IT/ECE) 2012 batch of Data 64, at our campus on July 25. The reporting time is 11:45am. 

After the Pre-placement talk, There will be an online test & GD round followed by PI. 

The job profile for Digital Forensic Analyst is attached herewith. The CTC after training is 6.5L - 8L pa.

Students are required to carry-

1. Two (passport size) photographs
2. 10th Mark sheet (original + Xerox copy)
3. 12th Mark sheet (original + Xerox copy)
4. Last Semester Mark sheet of B.Tech/BE (original + Xerox copy)
5. 2 copies of Updated C.V.

Digital Forensics Process 

The process for performing digital forensics comprises the following 
basic phases: 

1. Collection: identifying, labeling, recording, and acquiring data from 
the possible sources of relevant data, while following procedures that 
preserve the integrity of the data. 

2. Examination: forensically processing collected data using a 
combination of automated and manual methods, and assessing and 
extracting data of particular interest, while preserving the integrity of 
the data. 

3. Analysis: analyzing the results of the examination, using legally 
justifiable methods and techniques, to derive useful information that 
addresses the questions that were the impetus for performing the 
collection and examination. 

4. Reporting: reporting the results of the analysis, which may include 
describing the actions used, explaining how tools and procedures were 
selected, determining what other actions need to be performed (e.g., 
forensic examination of additional data sources, securing identified 
vulnerabilities, improving existing security controls), and providing 
recommendations for improvement to policies, procedures, tools, and 
other aspects of the forensic process. 

A Digital Forensic Analyst specializes in collection, 
examination, analysis and reporting of digital 

As an organization, we have a very flat structure and every 
star is a part of five core functions, which are – Consulting, 
Product Development, Business Development, Online 
Marketing and Training. 

1. Students of the 2012 batch of B.E or B.Tech in Computer 
Science or IT or Electronics with no current backlogs. 
2. Ability to write and speak English very well. 

Apply if you: 
+ are very patient by nature 
+ are detail oriented and persistent 
+ are an innovative thinker and problem solver 

Data64 Non-Discrimination Statement 
It is the policy of Data64 not to engage in discrimination 
against or harassment of any person employed or seeking 
employment with Data64 on the basis of race, color, 
national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, 
ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation or 

This policy applies to all employment practices, including 
recruitment, selection, promotion, transfer, merit increase, 
salary, training and development and demotion.

Digital Forensics 

You are expected to have a basic understanding of computer security incident handling, 
forensic techniques and contingency planning. Additionally you are expected to have a 
basic working knowledge of WinHex 16.4 or above. 

To get started on this, you can download some eBooks and the trial version of Winhex 

Online Marketing 

You are expected to be proficient in using facebook, 
twitter and linkedin, especially from a social media 
marketing and business development point of view. 
Additionally you are expected to read the following 

1. Marketing and Advertising Using Google 
2. A Geek's Guide to promoting yourself and your online 
business in 140 characters or less with Twitter 
3. Unleashing the Ideavirus 
To get started on this, you can download these eBooks 
You are also expected to read and understand the 
underlying concepts of the following books: 
1. "Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy" by 
Martin Lindstrom 
2. "Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being 
Remarkable" by Seth Godin 
You are expected to have a good 
working knowledge of web 
development using PHP, MySQL, 
HTML5 and JavaScript. 
You are also expected to be 
conversant with open source 
platforms such as Wordpress, 
PhpBB, Zen Cart and MediaWiki. 
Life Skills 
You are expected to read and understand the underlying concepts of 
the following books: 
1. "The 80/20 Principle - The secret of achieving more with less" by 
Richard Koch 
2. "Outliers: The Story of Success" by Malcolm Gladwell. 
3. "Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking" by Malcolm 
4. "The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference" by 
Malcolm Gladwell. 
5. "Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of 
Everything" by Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. 
Curriculum for Online Test for DFA Recruitment
Personal Profile Form
Page 1 of 4 of Data64 Personal Profile Form 
Draw or write something interesting in this space. Your parents named you when you 
were born. Now you get to choose your 
own 'handle' name. What handle name 
would you choose for yourself and 
Your name, date of birth, contact information, facebook username. 
What's your favourite sport? Why? Your academic background. 
What's wrong with the education system? How would you fix it if you had the power to do so? 
Data64 Job Code(s) applied for. 
What, in your opinion, sets you apart from the crowd?
Page 2 of 4 of Data64 Personal Profile Form 
Why are you suitable for this job? What are the 3 things that you hate 
about yourself? Have you done 
anything to change these? 
What are the weirdest things you do? If you know they are weird, why do you continue to do them? 
What would you do if you become invisible for a day? What kind of people do you hate the most? 
Describe one incident where you have exhibited leadership qualities. 
Which animal would you like to be reborn as? Why?
Page 3 of 4 of Data64 Personal Profile Form 
When is it okay to break the rules? How does this job relate to what you 
really want to be doing in your life? 
What is a common misperception about you? 
How do others describe you? Where do you see yourself in three years? 
If you were hired, what ideas / talents could you contribute? 
How do you like to spend a day off? 
If you could trade places with any other person for a 
week, with whom would it be? Why? 

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you 
think the title should be?
Page 4 of 4 of Data64 Personal Profile Form 
When is it NOT okay to break the rules? What kind of people do you like? 
Who do you like best, your mom or dad? Why? 
If What makes you angry? you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time? 
What have you done to develop or change yourself in the last few years? 
In the news story of your life, what would the headline say? 
Give 3 reasons why you are NOT suitable for this job. 
Give 3 reasons why you are suitable for this job. 

For Details Contact
Sona Vikas
Assistant Professor & Head - T & P
Ansal Institute of Technology
Sector 55, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
M - 9810669548


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