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Skills Required To Become a Good Software Tester : Learn And Get Hired

Software testing is one of the most important stage in software life cycle.Testing a software has become a vital part in the Life cycle as the software are developed for End Users and has to be tested in similar environment to test if the software is meeting the requirements or not.These days software companies are testing the software after every phase.As a bug found early in the developing phase can be resolved with much less cost as compared to the bug found in the later stage of software life cycle.

Today in most conversations between some software companies, this message is very common: "Finding good Software Testers has always been really difficult, but now a days it seems much more difficult from past few years. Now the user wants flawless and friendly software i.e. the applications which are easy to understand. Testers are not only responsible for finding errors as well they are the persons who make assurance to the user.

Skills Required To Become a Good Software Tester

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Skills Required To Become a Good Software Tester

1.Communication Skills :
Testers are expected to be good listeners as well as good presenters. A good software tester must have strong verbal and written communication skills. They require a good communication with developers before,during and after the project. The test reports, plans/cases which testers made should be easy to read and comprehend.They must be good listeners, good speakers, good writers, good readers etc all at the same time. Communication skills of a good software tester includes his/her body language, their words, tone, writing styles, listening and attending others etc.

  2. Domain Knowledge-
Testers should have the detailed knowledge about the software or application, whether they are not domain experts and this knowledge will help them to find such errors which a user can face while using the application. After testing the application/software, the tester should keep the domain in his/her mind while arranging the errors in order according to their priority. As the testers may be working in different domain, on different technologies so they should be aware of any challenges and complexities. And the tester which have this domain knowledge quality may also include a good user interface, able to differentiate between a trivial and critical issue and also the better understanding of issues as they are some pros of Domain Knowledge.

3. Desire to Learn-
Testers should have the brief knowledge regarding the latest technologies, tools & techniques and they can also use them during testing. As there are various tools and techniques for development as well as testing & every tool or technique has some positive and negative effects. Testers must be able to learn new technologies & can also use them while testing. Working with latest tools/techniques might be difficult for tester but they can get something new.

4. Technical Skills-
A good software tester must have strong Technical skills. They must have proper knowledge about the coding skills in order to understand the application, good communication with developers and write test automation. The technical skills also include high proficiency in tools like MS Office, testing tools etc. These skills can be obtained by practicing and proper training.

5. Analytical Skills-
A good software tester should have to be able to check out how to reproduce the errors because only finding errors are not sufficient. For better understanding and creating of good test reports, analytical skill will break the complex software system into smaller units. Testers should have to analyze the situation of user while using the software or application. Testing report is a SWOT i.e. 'Strength', 'Weakness', 'Opportunity' and 'Threat' analysis of Software.

6. Planning-
First of all testers should have to plan how to make the testing report. Testing should be in proper manner i.e. it should cover all the functionalists, requirements, features and critical aspects of business etc. The testing report should be made in an exact order i.e. according to the priority of the errors/bugs. For better judgement of testing report good planning is very necessary.

7. Integrity-
Testers find the errors in applications/software with an assurance that developers will absolutely fix them. The testing report should have to show the priorities of the errors i.e. the report should be in various levels according to their priority level.

During testing or analyzing any software, the testers must know about various applications, various domains etc. As domain has its own specialty so testers must have the curiosity to understand the domain under testing. They should have an eagerness of understanding the complexity and expectations.

9: Think from Users Perspective-
Each and every product is developed and designed for customers. Customers may not be having all technical skills a tester is having, if you fail to keep this in mind you might miss important bugs.

10.Be a Good Judge of Your Product-
Last but not the least , you have to be a good judge of your product. Ask yourself questions weather the software meeting all the requirements it should be having. As now you are the judge and you have the powers to distinguish between right and wrong.Judge listens to all testers in team.

These are the must have skills every software tester should have in order to have a rocket growth in his carrier.For a starter its very important to start practicing above mentioned skills and within no time you can be a great software tester and companies will hire you with handsome salaries.

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